Friends of Audiomatrix Recording Studio

Friend to audiomatrix recording studio

Audio/Video Forensic & Restoration Associates 

  • Our sister company located in the same offices as Audiomatrix Recording Studio.
  • Expert forensic audio and video enhancement and restoration.
Tony Parker Music - Audiomatrix

Tony Parker Music

  • Music by Tony Parker, an associate of Audiomatrix Recording Studio.
Tony Parker friend and associate of Audiomatrix Recording Studio

A.A. Parker Consulting, LLC

  • Owned by Tony Parker PhD.
  • Acoustic analysis.
  • Using Physical Chemistry to create better products.
Zuercher Amplification is a friend to Audiomatrix Recording Studio

Zuercher Amplification

  • Owned by Ken Zuercher an associate of Audiomatrix Recording Studio.
  • Specially designed amps by a longtime guitarist.
Audoimatrix Recording Studio and Mike Shepherd are friends

Mike Shepherd

  • Voice Over Artist.
  • Mike Shepherd has worked in conjunction with Audiomatrix Recording Studio on a multitude of projects over many years.
Audiomatrix Recording Studio - professional relationship to Mary Martin

Mary Martin

  • Longtime Blues artist.
  • Mary Martin has recorded and restored albums with Audiomatrix Recording Studio.
Prodigy Music is a friend of Audiomatrix Recording Studio

Prodigy Music

  • Music Store in Toledo Ohio.
  • Trusted company for keyboards and electronic music equipment purchases and rental of musical equipment for off-site recording.
  • Resources for sound and lighting for local businesses, churches, schools and local events.
Friend of audiomatrix recording studio


  • Trusted source of high quality music equipment.
  • Ask for A.J. Becerra, one of the best sales associates, for excellent customer service.
Audiomatrix Recording studio is friends with UT

The University of Toledo, School of Visual and Performing Arts.

  • Part of the College of Arts and Letters.
  • A few of our associates earned their degrees at UT.
  • David Mariasy is the Professor for Electronic Music and Recording Arts at UT.
Audiomatrix Recording Studio is friends with The music Department at UT

The University of Toledo, Music Department

  • Courses for the Electronic Music and Recording Technology offered at UT are sometimes taught at Audiomatrix Recording Studio
  • Internships are offered to exceptional students of the Electronic Music and Music Technology Minors at UT.
Audiomatrix Studio has a professional friendship with Mr. Nunnari

Jeffrey P. Nunnari

  • Business associate of Team Audio Inc. for many years.
  • An Ohio Attorney specializing in a multitude of areas of law.
JGI and Audiomatrix Recording Studio are friends

JGI, LLC. Ohio Private Investigators

  • Private investigation services
  • Audio/Video Forensic & Restoration Associates have a long time business relationship with JGI, as we are one of their Forensic Experts used in many of their investigations.