Audiomatrix Recording Studio – A special studio partnership with the University of Toledo

Audiomatrix Recording Studio has a special connection with The University of Toledo. Through Professor David Mariasy, a studio partnership is available.

Because of this connection, we can offer some more options for professional recording to artists seeking a larger venue for recording their music.

a studio partnership with the University of toledo recital hall
studio partnership allows recording at Doermann Hall
  • The Recital Hall at The University of Toledo
  • Doermann Theater at The University of Toledo

Each venue at the University of Toledo has been treated acoustically, and offer both professional audio and video recording.

The University of Toledo often book special guests and performances for educational purposes. But these venues also provide some leisure events for the students on campus.

  • The New Music Festival at UT offers many performances, including special guests such as Mary Martin, for students to enjoy music in a safe setting.
  • The Dorothy MacKenzie Price Piano Series offers Scholarships to Music Students.
  • Master Series lessons are presented with special guest artists.
  • Student performances, student ensembles and community ensembles also perform at these venues.

Also, with this studio partnership we can offer the use of Steinway Pianos for recording through The University of Toledo, as all pianos on campus are from Steinway. Whether recording in the Recital Hall, Doermann Theatre, or in one of the studio classrooms in the Music Department a beautifully tuned Steinway piano can be available for recording.



Below are a few examples of performances at The University of Toledo.

  • Above Video Recorded at The Recital Hall
  • Above Video Recorded at Doermann Theater
  • Above Video Recorded from the Dorothy MacKenzie Price Piano Series.
  • Read more about Dr. Lopez here.

Available dates are dependent on the schedule at The University of Toledo.

Rates will vary for use of venues and pianos through the University of Toledo.

Please contact Audiomatrix Recording Studio for more information.