Audiomatrix Recording Studio and The University of Toledo

Audiomatrix Recording Studio and UT

There is a rich history between The University of Toledo and Audiomatrix Recording Studio through Professor David Mariasy.

Audiomatrix Recording Studio and UT

David Mariasy and Andrew ‘Tiger’ Rhodes

David Mariasy became a Lecturer at The University of Toledo in 1982, also the same year he began Audiomatrix Recording Studio.

Currently, Professor Mariasy teaches Electronic Music and Recording Tech classes, Physics of Sound and Music and other specialized Music Tech courses while also providing internships at Audiomatrix Recording Studio for students enrolled in the Minor of Music Technology.

The advanced classes of Electronic Music and Recording Tech meet at Audiomatrix Recording Studio for class. This provides a real world setting for teaching students about Music Technology in a professional recording  studio.

  • Desert Roads was created by Professor Mariasy‚Äôs students in spring of 2016.
  • All music and lyrics were written and performed by students, the mixing and mastering produced by the students, and the video was shot and produced by students.

Professor Mariasy also is the director of the elite recording team on campus that records all music performances for the Music Department at UT.

This hand-selected team of audio engineers are students in the various classes offered towards the Music Tech Minor.

  • This performance was recorded in the Recital Hall on Campus at UT
  • Professor Mariasy’s Students record each performance like this on and off campus.

A select few have been offered a Master Degree in Music Technology under the advisement of Professor Mariasy. During their graduate studies, these exceptional students work as a Teaching or Graduate Assistant for Professor Mariasy, while also specializing their Master Degree towards one of many fields of Electronic Music, Recording Music and Music Technology.

These Master Students often utilize the facilities at Audiomatrix Recording Studio for their Master’s Project.

Professional Recording studio audiomatrix and UT



This connection to The University of Toledo also allows Audiomatrix Recording Studio to offer some special recording opportunities to artists.