Audiomatrix Recording Studio Services

Since the beginning of Audiomatrix Recording Studio, the studio has maintained a regional and national reputation for high-quality project based recordings of all sorts.

  • Voice-Over Recording for Radio, Television, Film and Video Production
  • Radio Spot Recording
  • Advertising “Jingle” Production
  • Original Music for Broadcast, Film, Video, and Internet
  • In-house and location recordings, including (but not limited to) Rock, Jazz, Choral, Classical and Blues
  • Studio Live Music Recording, with Video
  • Audio Restoration of Music and Spoken Word recordings from multiple formats from the past to today.

Jingle Production

Whether you need a jingle for radio or TV commercial, we can create the perfect jingle for your ad.


The music in the above Magic Wok ad and the Toledo Zoo ad to the right were both created here at Audiomatrix Recording Studio.

Studio Live Music recording

We hosted the Tower Brass Quintet for a live performance. This performance was also recorded for audio and video.

Audio Restoration

We also restore audio recordings from all types of formats such as Reel to Reel, Vinyl, Cassette, and Digital. These restorations are done in conjunction with Audio/Video Forensic & Restoration Associates, our sister company.

professional studio recording in toledo ohio

Audiomatrix Recording Studio has the state of the art equipment for music production and recording in today’s high tech society. Read more about our gear here.

Over the years many artists and businesses have requested our services. If you would like to learn more about our past clients, read more here.

Our highly skilled associates will assist you in producing  high quality audio and video for your projects.