Audiomatrix Recording Studio Pricing Guide

Audiomatrix Recording Studio offers professional recording services for high-quality recordings of all sorts.

Below is a break-down of pricing for recording with Audiomatrix Recording Studio.

Since all projects are unique, please inquire about our package deals. (Based on proposed project details.)

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Audiomatrix Studio Recording

Studio Recording is $80/hour.

Studio Recording includes:

  • Voice-over recording
  • Instrument and Voice recording
  • Broadcast – original music production
  • Radio and TV advertising production
audiomatrix recording studio mixing and mastering

Mixing and Mastering is $80/hour.

Mixing and Mastering includes:

  • Application of digital tools to enhance the quality of any recorded material.
  • Volume leveling, panning and equalization.
  • Removal of unwanted noise/sounds.
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On location Recording- Price varies:

We will set up microphones to record your event, mix and master the original audio, and create a disc of the recording. Additional copies available upon request.

audiomatrix studio materials


Disc Copies:

  • $10 for the Master copy
  • $3 for each additional copy