Audiomatrix Recording Studio : History

Audiomatrix Recording Studio has been improving the sound quality for studio recording since 1982.

Sound, is a beautiful art

The creation of Audiomatrix Recording Studio began after David Mariasy earned his Master of Music Composition from the College of Musical Arts at Bowling Green State University. His degree included an emphasis in Electronic/Computer Music and the Recording Arts.

Therefore Audiomatrix Recording Studio was founded in 1982 by David Mariasy.

Originally located on Stoneham Road, Audiomatrix Studios was equipped with all the newest technology for it’s time period.

sound quality
tech advances also bring sound quality advances

In 1987, Dave began renovations of 29 S. Erie Street in Toledo Ohio. This location was previously a Radio Studio for the late Bob Martz, with whom Dave learned the fine art of studio recording.

tech advances also bring sound quality advances
tech advances also bring sound quality advances

The studio came with some professional studio windows and doors.


The windows are designed with an angled pane on one side and a straight pane on the other side to reduce unwanted reflections and help with sound-proofing.


tech advances also bring sound quality advances
tech advances also bring sound quality advances

The doors were special because of their design. Each door weighs approximately 500-600lbs because they are filled with asphalt and have an air-seal system to produce a sound-proof door.  


These doors had originated from a radio production facility and were brought into Erie St. by Bob Martz, they were then acquired by Audiomatrix Recording Studio.

tech advances also bring sound quality advances

Dave made more studio windows, sound diffusion systems, bass traps and other room treatments to complete his studio design.

As time progresses, so does technology. Audiomatrix Recording Studio has kept up with technology advancements over the years. Beginning with the most advanced Analog Recording Technology Equipment and moving through to Digital Recording Technology Equipment.

tech advances also bring sound quality advances

During his time at Erie St. Dave recorded Jingles for companies such as Champion Spark Plugs, Monroe Mufflers and Meijer.

Also, he worked with artists such as Jon Hendrix, Claude Black, and REO Speedwagon.

Better sound quality with a bigger space here at The Davis Building

In 2008, Dave began Renovations of a large suite of rooms at the Davis Building in Toledo Ohio. This suite previously held law offices. This retrofit is the current home of Audiomatrix Recording Studio.


The Davis Building has offered a larger space for Audiomatrix Recording Studio to grow in the size and number of rooms for recording.

Also, our neighbors include voice over artist Mike Shepherd and Allied Media. These connections allow us to work with other professionals on projects in our shared field of Audio and Video Recording.

Since Audiomatrix Recording Studio moved to its current home in The Davis Building, artists such as Pat Lewandowski, The Good, The Bad and The Blues, Mary Martin and The Sisters of Thunder have recorded here.

Jingle packages for The Toledo Zoo, Magic Wok, Appliance Center and WTOL have been produced here.


We look forward to recording with new clients to produce high quality sound for any music project brought to us.

Audiomatrix Recording Studio is part of Team Audio Inc. We share our facilities with our sister company, Audio/Video Forensic & Restoration Associates.

For more information on A/VF&RA please click here.